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Welcome to Snesan Health & Wellness Centre, where excellence meets care. Meet our esteemed Neurotherapist and Manual Therapist, Ravi Karan, a seasoned professional dedicated to holistic treatments. At Snesan, we form a close partnership with our patients, understanding and managing their unique needs. Regardless of age, our friendly and experienced team is here to guide you through a personalized and comprehensive healing experience. Your health is our priority at Snesan Health & Wellness Centre.

Some Common Pain Points

Back Pain
Knee Pain
Frozen shoulder
Femur Head
Meet our Therapist

Ravi Karan Kaushik

Embark on a transformative healing journey with Ravi Karan, our distinguished Neurotherapist and Manual Therapist at Snesan. With extensive experience, Ravi combines advanced therapeutic techniques with a deep understanding of the mind-body connection. As a seasoned professional, he fosters a compassionate alliance with patients, guiding them towards comprehensive well-being. Discover the art of healing with Ravi Karan's expertise at Snesan.

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Seeking relief from age-related pain?

Look no further than Snesan Health & Wellness Centre, your ultimate destination for alleviating all discomforts and promoting overall well-being.

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Cupping therapy
Traditional Bone Setting


Have any questions?

Snesan specializes in a range of therapeutic services including Holistic traditional treatment methods, Cupping, and Neurotherapy. Each service is designed to enhance physical well-being and promote relaxation.

Our services are tailored to individual needs, but it’s advisable to consult with our professional therapists to determine the most suitable approach based on your health and requirements.

Our therapies are designed to address various types of pain, including but not limited to back pain, Migraine, Knee Pain | Cervical | Joint Pain | Tail Bone | Gastric & Acidity | Gut Health | Femur head | Frozen Shoulder etc.

The duration of a session can vary based on the specific service and individual needs. Our therapists will provide information on the estimated duration during the consultation.

Depending on the service, there might be specific guidelines. Generally, wearing comfortable clothing and communicating any health concerns to our therapists is recommended.

Booking can be done through our website, over the phone, or in person at our centre. Feel free to contact us for assistance in scheduling your session.

Our Customer Support Number: 9870418611

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